Jody Wolfborn

Talk Abstract

Title: You Don't Belong Here: Dealing with Imposter Syndrome


An estimated 70% of people will experience Impostor Syndrome at some point in their lives, despite having objective evidence of success in their field, sometimes in copious amounts. People in all fields of work experience pervasive psychological distress, believing that they are intellectual frauds and fearing being recognized as impostors. The objective of this presentation is to provide relief to those suffering from Impostor Syndrome by analyzing possible sources of this distress, exploring tactics to overcome these feelings, and recognizing that we have a community of peers sharing the same experience. Through scientific research and personal exploration, we'll dig deep into the root causes of this feeling and identify paths to successfully working through moments of Impostorism.


Jody Wolfborn

Jody Wolfborn


Jody is a theatre major-turned-technologist with a passion for languages of all kinds and a soft-spot for animals of the canine variety. Since entering the tech realm, she’s had many years of experience living with and attempting to overcome Impostor Syndrome; through observation, research, and experimentation, she’s collected resources to help combat this psychological self-sabotage.