Dale Humby

Talk Abstract

Title: DevOps vs Hardware: Round 2


In July 2015, Nomanini got an order to produce thousands of a hardware point of sale terminal that only existed in a sales pitch. Some might have called it vaporware - we called it a challenge. Using practices honed during our first four years of building and deploying hardware, firmware and software we were able to launch our second product, from nothing, in less than six months. This talk will cover our small teams' big lessons learned while designing hardware and manufacturing at scale, and running a highly available transaction backend.


Dale Humby

Dale Humby


Dale Humby is the Chief Technical Officer of Nomanini, a South African-based technology provider dedicated to building the tools needed to facilitate cash payments in informal markets. He is an electro-mechanical engineer with a wealth of experience in embedded systems and back-end system design. In 2014, Dale was named a Developer Expert for the Google Cloud platform. Dale leads Nomanini’s team of software developers, hardware engineers and industrial designers, and is responsible for the technical operations of Nomanini’s payments platform. Before joining Nomanini, Dale was the founding member of One Over Zero, which developed a wide range of products. He lead development on various bespoke embedded and M2M electronics and software projects for agricultural and FMCG markets.