Michael Stahnke

Talk Abstract

Title: What I’ve learned interviewing more than 150 people face to face


I’ve been part of growing Puppet from 35 to 450+ people over the last five years. I’ve spent many hundreds of hours on the hiring process - but really want to dig into the interview. I’ll highlight the 10,000 hour rule from Anders Ericsson (made famous by M Gladwell) on experience and measurement of success by tying that in with deliberate practice/continuous improvement when it comes to interviewing. I’ll share some science, some practices (such as my 6 question interview) and some humor to hopefully shift your thoughts interviewing and hiring - all in 5 minutes.


Michael Stahnke

Michael Stahnke


Michael Stahnke is Director of Engineering at Puppet, Inc. He’s held a few roles there, and been a part of the company growing from 35 to 440+ employees. While staying near the domains of release engineering, operations, and community, he’s been in leadership for most of the last decade. His primary joy comes from building teams, mentoring team members, and, just recently, playing Hot Wheels cars with his son. He came to Puppet Labs from Caterpillar, Inc. where he was an infrastructure architect.