Kevin Witherstine

Title: NetDevOps - A Network Engineer’s journey into a software world


I’m a network engineer with an electrical engineering background, all I hear is how software is eating the world. What’s to become of me? Those were my thoughts several years ago. A little introduction to Python programming and early Openstack almost made me run and hide, a stint with VMware gave me a little hope. All the while linux was a part of the equation.

Now, linux has almost become second nature and github and Ansible are my favorite tools. This didn’t all happen overnight, but it did happen and now that I see how powerful those tools are, I want to show other network engineers that it’s not impossible to bridge the gap between the CLI and NetDevOps. I’m terrible at writing code. I just can’t wrap my head around it. But learning enough to read what someone else wrote and understand what they are trying to accomplish is probably enough to get you going.

In this talk I plan to walk you through the journey I took. Start with the basic tools, show you why they matter, and put them into practice.


Kevin Witherstine

Kevin Witherstine


Kevin Witherstine is a Systems Engineer at Cumulus Networks with over 20 years of networking industry experience and a recent focus on SDN and virtual networking. Previous to Cumulus, Kevin has had stints with industry giants such as VMware, Cisco, and Juniper.