Michael Hedgpeth

Title: Orchestrating Independence: Our journey from an orchestration script to zero-downtime, scalable orchestration of changes


You’ve automated the provisioning of your infrastructure with a configuration management solution. But now you have to manage how that interacts with other changes in the system. Is it time to write a bash script or use an orchestration feature of your solution that, let’s face it, looks a lot like a bash script?

At NCR, we went in a different direction and came up with a model to orchestrate changes to infrastructure in a way that eliminates downtime and reduces dependency between nodes, opening the possibility for red/green deployments and more. We’ll talk about considerations when approaching orchestration, how we designed our model with Hashicorp Consul and Chef, and the benefits we’ve seen from doing so.


Michael Hedgpeth

Michael Hedgpeth


Michael Hedgpeth has been automating all the things for over a decade at NCR by implementing devops and testing automation for their hospitality and is currently working with the development organization to implement Chef as NCR Hospitality’s configuration management platform. Over the years, Michael has developed a passion for test-driven development, Kanban, good design, organizational effectiveness, Texas BBQ and mountain biking.