Martin Goodwell

Talk Abstract

Title: Running against the oneway: push the hassle from production to developers. Easily.


In pre-production, there’s lots of tools that help optimizing your code: debuggers, CI/CD, load tests, etc. There’s even tools that automatically deploy them into production. Plus, engineers usually have a whole sprint as a time frame. Once you’re in production, things are a bit different and all that convenience is just not there for operators. They need to be able to pinpoint trouble spots within minutes. They have to identify the handful of bad requests out of thousands that allows for reproduction of the problem. And then, they are finally required to hand all that information over to the developers as convenient and as soon as possible. And nothing of that is automated. Performance monitoring, call-tracing and visualization are the concepts any developer should know about to be able to provide as much insight as possible into running systems. This session introduces open-source tools that allow devs and ops to work together much closer. To name just a few: * statsd / collectd * Zipkin * Spring-Cloud Sleuth * and some more For the sake of completeness and to also cover the Enterprise user-space, the main commercial vendors in that space will also be mentioned real quick. After that session, you’ll see new ideas popping up inside your head and already have all the knowledge you need to directly jump into planning and implementation.


Martin Goodwell

Martin Goodwell


Passionate about life, technology, and the people behind both of them. Started with Commodore 8-bit, tinkered with MS-DOS and WfW 3.11 on i386 and i486 and finally went into software engineering and architecture for about a decade; mainly via Java and the Web. Holds a degree in Business Informatics from the University of Linz, Austria. Now, at Dynatrace Innovation Lab as a Tech Lead, speaks at conferences, writes blog posts and loves to dig in to new technology. In his other life, he loves running, biking, good food and beer and binge watching. Most of all, he’s a family guy.