Alyssa Nicoll

Talk Abstract

Title: Innovating is not about technology, but psychology.


Why do we do it? Why do we try so hard? Why are we paying to be here, to listen to people talk? Maybe because we’re life long learners - we want to learn new things? Commune with our own kind? But why? Come examine our motives as developers, the pitfalls we fall into, and the cost of being great.


Alyssa Nicoll

Alyssa Nicoll


I am an energetic, über passionate developer. I am a Google Developer Expert, Web Dev at WeaveUp and I have some Front-End and Angular courses on Code School. I love to learn new things and then share them with others. I Scuba Dive and have a toothless dog named ‘Gummy’. My name is Alyssa, come talk sometime.