Pauly Comtois

Talk Abstract

Title: Building a DevOps Enterprise Community Across 10 Businesses


Kick-starting a DevOps transformation is daunting. Including all levels of the org is critical to success! I share the tactics of building a DevOps community across 10 business units inside HBM. The challenges, failures and ultimate successes that go into transforming culture, process and tools.


Pauly Comtois

Pauly Comtois


Pauly Comtois is VP of DevOps for Hearst Business Media. This role provides full time consulting to ten business units within Hearst focusing on continuous improvement and community building through culture, process and tools. Pauly has over 20 years’ experience in building, developing and leading high performing IT, Support, Operations and Development teams in rapidly growing organizations. Pauly is a seasoned leader of cultural change efforts in unifying Development and Operations through training and mentorship in Incident Management, Blameless Post Mortems, Value Stream Mapping, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. His current focus is on building Agile and DevOps communities within the business units at Hearst Business Media and a broader community that binds those business units together. This effort is underpinned by Agile and DevOps methodologies and cultural concepts. Pauly is based in Seattle, WA.