Aaron Aldrich

Talk Abstract

Title: Humane Treatment of OnCall Engineers: Stopping the burnout while firefighting


It’s no secret, OnCall responsibilities suck. No one’s happy holding the pager and in the Ops world, that can be a real problem. The additional, unplanned, after-hours work leads to faster burnout among Engineers. By taking real steps to shift our perspectives of OnCall, we can reverse the problem.


Aaron Aldrich

Aaron Aldrich


Having some personal struggles with identity and mental wellness I recognize how important it is to reinforce the message that “Your Story Matters” as often and as broadly as possible. The DevOps message that we all have a story to share has resonated loudly with me and encouraged me to continue to share my own. My career path has always been hurdled towards technology, but my heart has always been with the people. No matter where I’ve been, the people are always the thing that I love above the labor. But nevertheless, the labor has consistently caused extra stress and burnout. Over 10 years I’ve worked in four different companies and dealt with 4 different types of on-call responsibility and 4 different types of burnout. It’s time to stop the burn and start healing the industry. Besides work and DevOps, I have a wife and 4 kids at home. I’m a musician and I love games of all types because of their unique power to bring diverse people together to a single purpose. Nothing breaks down barriers faster than collaborative creative efforts or a game of Mario Kart.