Dakota dux

Talk Abstract

Title: Next Level Learning


Change is constant. We need to be able to adapt. What can we do to improve faster? What can we do to level up our teams? Understanding how the brain works can help put us on track to learn the skills we need to excel. We can use these techniques to improve ourselves, our teams and our processes.


Dakota dux

Dakota dux


Dakota Dux is an engineer at Nextpoint, a Chicago and Madison based company that provides an online document management platform for litigators. Dakota is passionate about building flexible systems and not deploying on Fridays. With 10+ years of writing ruby, he’s seen a few things. When he’s not slinging code, he moonlights as the head coach for the University of Wisconsin Alpine Ski Team. He likes to describe his coaching philosophy as Extreme Fundamentals. If you see him around ask him to tell you the penguin joke.