Michael Lanyon

Talk Abstract

Title: Creative & Tech - A Partnership


The premise that dev and ops are at odds is a fallacy. These groups naturally align because they share a problem solving approach. My organization is driven by creativity, and it takes more than aligned incentives to create high-functioning teams. I’ll talk about the journey to empathy and trust.


Michael Lanyon

Michael Lanyon


Hi. I’m Mike. I’m a VP of Engineering at Critical Mass. In my role at CM I lead teams that work on the systems and data that power customer experiences. I started as our first application developer in the United States, and after my first “worked fine in dev” experience, have been trying to make delivering value to our clients’ customers as routine and predictable as possible. Automation, measurement, and team building are my passions. Outside of work I’m a competitive cyclist and a DevOpsDays Chicago organizer. I was first introduced to DevOps back in 2011 and had my mind blown by a few luminaries of the DevOps movement. I find the passion and enthusiasm for iterative improvement in technology absolutely irresistible.