Michael Stahnke

Talk Abstract

Title: Welcome to the Brownfield: Where automation meets reality


Automation is great when you have a clean slate, but most of us don’t. This talk will walk through an automation journey where applications and business are already happening. We’ll cover pitfalls, stories and thought process.


Michael Stahnke

Michael Stahnke


Michael Stahnke is Director of Engineering at Puppet Labs. He’s had a few roles at Puppet, and been a part of the company growing from 35 to 440+ employees. He’s been heavily involved with release engineering and community throughout his tenure. He came to Puppet Labs from Caterpillar, Inc. where he was an infrastructure architect, system administration team lead, and open source evangelist. Michael also helped get the Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL) repository off the ground in 2005, is the author of Pro OpenSSH (Apress, 2005), and rants continuously about technology and computers, while striving to learn more about them.