Aaron Atwell

Talk Abstract

Title: Don't Believe the Data! Data VS Intuition in Decision Making


We are inundated with more and more data everyday. From system notifications, to alerts, SMS, to push, we're constantly notified of things happening. Additionally we're having to take more and more data into consideration in order to make a proper decision. When working in a business critical alerting environment where decisions can cost 1,000's of dollars in a matter of minutes, how do you take in all the data from multiple alerts and balance that data against what your 'gut' tells you? We'll look at how our brains process information, go back in time to look at our primitive brains, and use some insights about our modern brains to help provide some guidance on how to make that critical decision under pressure!


Aaron Atwell

Aaron Atwell


Aaron is part of the team at VictorOps that is working to connect IT teams to a product that makes them more effective and helps make their ‘on-call lives suck less’ After spending ‘many’ years in the staffing industry helping put people to work, he’s found a new adventure in helping IT teams be more effective by improving communication, increasing visibility of infrastructure issues, and helping teams get their product to their stakeholders, faster. He’s also interested in the positive and negative effects technology has on IT professional’s daily lives. When he’s not working you’ll find him on his mountain bike exploring Colorado’s trails, hanging out with family, and volunteering to help and support people in need in the Boulder community. He’s encouraging everyone to love more.