Alex Corkin

Title: Health is hard: A story about making healthcare less hard, and faster!


Can an elephant change its spots?

Does the early bird really gather no moss?

And what about that rolling stone, should we be trying to force it to drink?

Be the change you wish to see in the world

This is a talk about the elephants in the room (in my room, not this room). Its about charting the path from waterfall to agile scrum - and doing it properly and sustainably. Its about fostering a sense of aspirational desire to be better than we were yesterday - and making that desire scale.

What has this got to do with Dev Ops?

DevOps, for me, is about empathy. Its about working together rather than in competition, its about choosing something to do, be it integrating, delivering, learning, improving or whatever else you want, and doing it as quickly as humanly possible. Its about creating feedback loops in your code and in your people that lead you to the result you want. For the healthcare industry, it can be quite a sell.

I'll share my experiences building those feedback loops and engaging development and operations practices that have a long history of mutual antagonism. Learn about how I healed the rift between them, and turned a page so to speak. After all, who must do the hard things? The new dog. The old one couldnt learn tricks. And you.


Alex Corkin

Alex Corkin


I’m Alex. I spent a portion of time in the Army. Then I left to do CompSci at Auckland University. I did an internship at Spark Ventures and now work for Healthlink. My background is in web applications with node and java. More and more I find myself drawn to a mixture of applications and infrastructure. I think Pilsner is superior to IPA and that Guinness is best served at room temperature. If I’m drinking a loaf of bread, that bread ought to be warm.