Bridget Cowie

Title: The story of a performance outage, and how we could have prevented it


Dealing outages in production environments can be fraught with stress & tension, especially when your business users or customers are impacted.

Regardless of how fast you can release features into your production environments, unfortunately we caeterlikely that you will have to deal with a business impacting outage at some point. Having resilient mechanisms, and procedures in place means that 90% of these potential issues can be caught before they cause you true headaches, but in a true worst case scenario it's important to be able to quickly diagnose issues, and restore services.

Let me take you through a business impacting performance outage and share with you what happened, how we found it the root cause and how we could have found it earlier.


Bridget Cowie

Bridget Cowie


I’m the person you call when performance outages get really bad. I work with teams to identify and resolve issues with their production applications both in production environments and also in development & test. I’m happiest when we detect problems as early as possible and I hope that I can work myself out of a job! To sum it up - I love performance, technology & automation (and talking).