Damian Brady

Title: Just let me do my job!


Working with other people sucks sometimes.

You're employed to get things done. So is everyone else in the company. But despite being "on the same team", everyone has their own idea of priorities, urgent tasks, and tasks they consider a waste of time. Different teams and departments have different goals, and when they clash, it slows everyone down and can be frustrating and demotivating. So what's the solution? How can you convince everyone to just let you do your job?

In this talk, I'll share some practical changes you can make to help fix this problem. Backed up by both research and personal experience, these tips will help you to avoid frustrations and focus on what you're employed to do. We'll discuss topics like wasteful meetings, interruptions, unplanned work, frequently changing priorities, and menial tasks. From small changes in your own team, to ways to influence large cultural changes, there's something here for everyone.


Damian Brady

Damian Brady


Damian is a Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio and Development Technologies and a Solution Architect for Octopus Deploy in Brisbane, Australia. He is a co-author of Professional Team Foundation Server 2013 from Wiley, and he regularly speaks at conferences, User Groups, and other events. Damian spends a lot of time training development teams on how to deliver their software better, be it through improving their agile process, code quality, or DevOps strategy. Most of the time youll find him working on Octopus Deploy or helping teams use it better.