Owen Evans

Title: DevOps is dead, long live DevOps


DevOps, the term came from a need to classify a newer breed of developers in existing organisations, developers that refused to agree to an us than them mentality, that refused to fracture the tech teams of organisations based on if you worked on servers and infrastructure (Ops) vs if you wrote the client facing applications. With the birth of mainstream SaaS and Product Teams we had to tear down these walls, we had to make a stand.

This is the end of the beginning, were moving in to a new age of developers, were all devops now.


Owen Evans

Owen Evans


Owen is a developers’ developer. Someone who hates being pigeon-holed while writing his own bio. He is currently helping out 8i by leading their platform development, which involves being all things to all people in the business. He likes to get his hands dirty with AWS and Containerisation as well as leading highly productive engineering teams. Before 8i Owen founded and ran a developer startup focusing on one of the first ‘serverless’ computing platforms, hoist.io. And previously, he helped grow Xero from a company of 20 to 500 when he left as their Chief Architect.