Peter Sellars

Title: Culture As Strategy


DevOps is something we are, not something we do! Culture plays a significant role in our ability to continuously improve both ourselves and others. Creating a Strategy based on Culture as experienced in Deliberately Developmental Organisations (DDOs) provides an environment for continual growth.

People are encouraged to expose their 'backhands', seek support and help and expect to help others work on their 'backhands' every day. Growth does not compete with business goals it is seen as a vital contributor to the business objectives. Why is Culture so important? How does a focus on Culture as Strategy provide an environment in which businesses can thrive and even exceed business expectations.

The time has come for Culture as Strategy!


Peter Sellars

Peter Sellars


Pete likes to think of himself as a developer, husband, thinker, dad, challenger and footballer. His focus on Continuous Improvement has led him on a journey of discovery through support, development, automated testing and delivery pipeline teams. He has blogged and co-created a Personal Kanban board with Assurity Consulting, introduced teams and organisations to the Improvement Kata and believes strongly that people are an organisation’s biggest asset. He shares all he knows with the community. Founder of the Auckland Continuous Delivery Meetup and currently organizer of the Auckland Docker Meetup as well as active in the DevOps community in Auckland - New Zealand. Currently Continuous Delivery Lead at ClearPoint NZ he aims to provide businesses improved customer satisfaction, increased agility and improved outcomes via value-creating delivery pipelines.