Anders Sveen

Title: DevOps - The Anti-patterns


DevOps is about changing mindsets and organisations. It’s about making IT change with the business. Not being a road block to change. But if you try to fix the symptoms and not the root causes the results are just temporary at best. And the real issue is rarely technology.

I’ll take you through some of the organisational constraints, the human factors and some common anti-patterns. Recognisable and avoidable.

This talk will mostly be about the soft sides of DevOps. Technology is what I love to do. But using it to it’s full potential requires getting the most out of humans and organisations.


Anders Sveen

Anders Sveen


Anders has been working as an developer, architect, team-lead and automation nut for the last 12 years. He’s a big proponent off most things agile and think it’s time IT started enabling organisations to change. Not limiting the organisation.

Anders is a tech guy and programmer first. The last 4-years he has been trying to automate anything that is needed to deploy applications reliably. Learning (a little too much) Bash and Python along the way.