Anton Babenko

Title: Tools exist for a reason


How to choose the right tools for the job, when there are many of them available?

Which criteria should you pay attention when deciding on tools to become productive? This ignite talk will not try to sell any product, but it will illustrate how to identify “red flags” (aka YAGNI principle) in tools and products used for various DevOps tasks.


Anton Babenko

Anton Babenko


Anton is DevOps engineer at Your.MD, start-up developing personal medical assistant applications and chat-bots. He is fully certified in all 5 AWS certifications and has been working as web-developer, team lead and CTO during last 10 years. He has been constantly involved in automation (from testing to marketing) and exploring ways to do it properly and as risk-free as possible. He has strong interest and experience in DevOps toolset and AWS.