Jason Diller

Title: Complaining is not a strategy. (How to make things better even if you're not the boss.)


A lot of people see ways that their organizations can be better. Maybe they want to spend more time on technical debt, maybe they want to adopt more agile type processes, maybe they want to see more of a DevOps culture. There are tonnes of kinds of improvements that can be made in a typical organization and developers are usually really good at spotting them. However, we are typically not that good about bringing them about. I'll share some tactics that have a good chance of working, as well as some that are sure-fire non-starters. Attendees will leave with some experience-proven strategies for effecting meaningful changes in their organizations.


Jason Diller

Jason Diller


Jason has been working professionally in technology since the 90s. He has written code for numerous platforms from DOS to Windows to Linux to the Web. In recent years he’s devoted his time to management and has a serious obsession with making his teams, people, and processes better. (A quest that will never be completed.) Currently he does so at PagerDuty.