Kjetil Jorgensen-Dahl

Title: How to kill DevOps (in 5 minutes)


Not a DevOps-fan? This Ignite talk will provide you with a surefire set of techniques for bringing down any DevOps initiative!

Great patterns for avoiding the DevOps pitfall come in all flavours from organizational, through managerial to architectural, and this summary of best practices will be instantly useful to any DevOps saboteur.


Kjetil Jørgensen-Dahl

Kjetil Jørgensen-Dahl


Kjetil Jørgensen-Dahl is a developer and consultant at Kodemaker. From time to time he dabbles in process and ops-related activities, usually because he is not to keen on rework and repetition (communication + automation FTW!).

If you ask for his two cents, you usually get a dollars worth …