Marta Paciorkowska

Title: DevOps is dead (a story by the Jesus of DevOps)


When DevOps came, it brought hope to the tired masses, enprisoned in the nauseating siloses of their tiring existence. But now once-faithful disciples have proclaimed DevOps dead. The Dark Ages of #NoOps have arrived. Some people are rejoicing, others are weeping. Everyone is asking: will DevOps stay dead forever? Or will it be rediscovered and given a new name (just like containers and microservices) to bring hope to us all, once againg? Let's observe the original followers and the various sects that sprouted from the DevOps seed and try to determine if DevOps will indeed stay dead forever.


Marta Paciorkowska

Marta Paciorkowska


An activist/project manager turned programming enthusiast. Marta currently hold the position of DevOps Heroine at Acrolinx, where she is responsible for developer support, redesigning build infrastructure and introducing DevOps ideas. She actively support initiatives that make the tech community more inclusive. A very occasional Rails Girls coach. She ♥ Chef, alleycats and pizza.