Berenice Venegas Cotero

Title: Automation of Data Analysis in AWS


Cloud computing and the advancement of tools for resource management and infrastructure automation have created unconventional forms of processing massive amounts of data, both efficiently, reliably and cost effectively. The effects of cloud computing can be visible in everyday life. Academic research is one of the fields that can benefit greatly from cloud computing. Particularly, genomics projects have successfully adopted cloud computing in research, and some start-ups have been created to offer services for mapping gene information to find links to pathologies by using AWS. Beyond genomics research projects, there is a vast amount of geospatial, satellite imagery, weather, news and other types of data available for analysis ( To date, most compute intensive research tasks are run in supercomputers; the implementation of cloud computing has not been as fast as in other areas. Here it is proposed the utilization of AWS to analyze a set of data, automating the deployment of infrastructure and trigger analysis when a set of data is uploaded. This example shows scalability and elasticity of public clouds and can be easily applied to other types of analytics.


Berenice Venegas Cotero

Berenice Venegas Cotero

A physicist that once fell to the stars of Astrophysics.

However, being experimentalist and theoretician at heart, her love eventually fell for molecular Biophysics, researching the cooperative but elusive behavior of lipids designed nanoliposomes for targeted drug delivery.

Her first close encounter with a computer was a PRIME 750, exclusively used to scare mother, who run batch jobs filling her terminal screen with infinite error messages and warnings.

As a good physicist, only UNIX style computing was acceptable. Unfortunately learned some Windows well into the new millennium which then regretted quite a bit.

Research brought dynamic and Monte Carlo simulations, experimental data required analysis automation so cloud computing offered attractive adventures Big data IoT pipelines dockerization Oh My!

DevOps has become her fascinating playground. Feeling infinite compute power at the fingertips, she automates infrastructure up from the ground never having a particular server relationship

Besides obvious interest of maxing out cloud resources she likes unplanned travels and being outdoors gymnastics, including mind ones and collecting fine peppers for cooking.

In free time she likes rescuing any pet especially ones being a ‘poor thing’.