Matthew Barker

Talk Abstract

Title: Docker Provides Convenience with Hidden Complexity - How Can We Cope?


Using a container as the new unit of deployment greatly simplifies things on the surface. You no longer have your application and all the components in it. You don’t need to worry about the runtime environment. Or the operating system? It is all there. You just have the containers. But hold on. Think again. Things are a lot easier to manage - but you still have all those parts. You still have an operating system. And a runtime environment like e.g. a Java VM. And your application. It consists of a bunch of third party, open source libraries for the web frontend. Oh.. yeah and persistence is handled by that ORM library. And then there is this command line tool we have in the container to manage a few tasks. Learn how you can apply supply chain principles to get a better understanding of your container and all its parts. Improve the workflows around them, optimize the parts and manage it all efficiently. And take advantage of a number of emerging tools to keep it manageable.


Matthew Barker

Matthew Barker


As a experienced Solutions Architect, I assist companies in automating quality into their devops tool chain. My broad-based experience in open source software and rapid application development combined with my background in software security enables me to provide insightful, technical guidance to companies desiring to produce secure applications of high quality and with minimal risk.