Brian O'Connell

Title: Mission Critical DevOps


Professional Golf and Tennis tournaments plan all year to deliver a global sporting experience for several days or weeks. The computing infrastructure must be continuously available for millions of visitors that produce hundreds of thousands of concurrent sessions. IBM’s team that serves digital sporting experiences has transformed and adopted DevOps principals to build a multi-region hybrid public and private cloud. This hybrid cloud Infrastructure delivers Wimbledon, The French Open, Australian Open, The US Open, and The Masters.

This talk will show you how to enable rapid and safe changes to critical cloud services when the world is watching your infrastructure.


Brian O'Connell

Brian O'Connell


Brian O’Connell is a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM focusing on DevOps, continuously available cloud technologies and software defined environments. Brian leads the team responsible for the transition of high profile web sites such as The Masters, Wimbledon, Roland Garros (French Open), US Open Tennis, and the Australian Open to a hybrid cloud. Brian has more than 300 patents, is an IBM Master Inventor, a member of the IBM Academy of Technology and a Franz Edelman laureate.