Clinton Wolfe

Title: Your goat antifragiled my snowflake!: Demystifying DevOps Jargon


Are you a cow, a goat, a canary, or a unicorn? Are running K8S? Who the heck is Brent? Find out!

Welcome to DevOps, where we are all about breaking down walls. But, we've created a private dialect, full of familiar words with unfamiliar meanings, and in-jokes upon in-jokes. Many newcomers wish there was a glossary for the movement. Time to be inclusive!

In this fun session, we'll go over some of the more unintuitive terms (being a goat is a good thing!) and the backstories behind them.


Clinton Wolfe

Clinton Wolfe


Clinton Wolfe leads the DevOps Practice at OmniTI, which means he voluntarily chooses to go into heavily siloed, dysfunctional organizations and try to get them to talk to each other with as few stabbings as possible. He’s especially interested in testable infrastructure, and the processes needed to support quality throughout the application lifecycle. He is also Oliver and Sylvia’s Daddy.