Dylan Schowengerdt

Title: Customer Success: The Missing Link in the Feedback Loop to Engineering


Being responsible for the success of 10,000+ customers is a big challenge. This is especially true when success cannot be generalized to fit every customer.

Using principles adopted from DevOps and Agile, we developed and implemented a new strategy to focus on our customers’ success. As a result, we discovered better insight into customer behavior, shortened feedback loops from customers to our product developers, and increased transparency between internal business units. This was all in an effort to better meet the needs of our customers and has been a huge success.

In this talk, I’ll define Customer Success, show philosophical similarities to DevOps, and outline challenges we faced implementing Success into our organization.

Audience members will learn:

  • How to strategically sell the idea and value of Customer Success internally. What it is, what it is not and how it affects each department in your organization
  • How to generate dynamic visuals with tailored data for business experts
  • How to promote internal collaboration through information transparency
  • How to turn a vision into reality by working as the hub of the wheel between engineering, product, marketing, sales and support


Dylan Schowengerdt

Dylan Schowengerdt


Dylan wants to live in a world where common sense is a little more common, noise pollution is self-regulated and all dogs get along at the dog park. As an Operations Professional with almost 10 years of experience, he’s worked for global corporations, tech start-ups and everything in-between keeping business units organized, documented and fun. When he’s not creating unique customer solutions or designing reports that don’t bore the executive team to death, you can find him trying new recipes in the kitchen, painting in his studio and spending as much time as possible in the Great Outdoors.