Leon Fayer

Talk Abstract

Title: Oncall for Developers


With emergence of DevOps approach to application development, deployment and management developers get more and more involved in day-to-day system operations. Lately, there has been a popular point of view that developers should be included in oncall rotation on equal grounds with sys admins. While I don't fully subscribe to that mentality, there are certain processes that must be implemented by every organization to get developers involved in production operation of the software they built. In this talk I'll walk through different aspects of operational oncall responsibilities and discuss ways in which developers should (and should not) be involved in operation of production systems.


Leon Fayer

Leon Fayer


Leon’s two decades of expertise were concentrated on architecting and operating complex, web-based systems to withstand crushing traffic (often unexpectedly). Over the years, he’s had a somewhat unique opportunity to design and build systems that run some of the most visited websites in the world. While his core expertise is in application development, he works his way around the whole technology stack from system architecture to databases design and optimization to front/back-end programming. He’s considered a professional naysayer by peers and has the opinion that nothing really works until it works for at least a million people. In production.