Maggie Gourlay

Title: My Gaming Days Weren’t Wasted: How Gaming Trained Me for Testing in DevOps


Recognize me from my EA game credits? After many years as a gamer and in game testing, I began working as a QA engineer for a Boulder tech startup focused on DevOps.

In this talk I’ll explain how I applied my game testing experience to test and improve enterprise software applications. Participants will take away helpful tips from game testing that they can use in their own environment. In the talk, I’ll share:

  • Why it helps to have a background in testing games when testing a DevOps application
  • How gamers and enterprise software customers have similar traits and needs
  • Where testing differs between the groups


Maggie Gourlay

Maggie Gourlay


I’ve been doing software quality assurance since the early 2000’s and also have a degree in theoretical mathematics. I currently work ensuring quality for a DevOps application which brings me back to the days I was on call as a systems administrator in the late 90’s. In my free time, I love to travel and learn new things (currently I’m learning R and Scala).