Michael DeHaan

Title: Speaking for the Dead: Is "Waterfall" and "Monolithic" Actually Good?


Computer technology is often cyclical. In the past, we've seen serial and parallel cable transports alternate. We've seen a resurgence in technology originally popularized in mainframes, and then abandoned. We've seen old dusty languages become cool and popular. For this talk, we'll focus on something a bit different - we are currently in the middle of a push towards a multitude of microservices and hyper-agile development methodologies, often deeply interlinked. Yet, for some reason, we still struggle for efficiency, to hit deadlines, and more - and these approaches themselves pose new challenges.

What if more monolithic applications and more planned development processes wasn't a bad thing? Can we strip the reality from the connotation of these words? In this presentation, Michael will attempt to prove there are some good lessons left to pull from the 90s and early 2000s, and will share a few reasons why you may also want to get off his lawn.


Michael DeHaan

Michael DeHaan


Previously invented Ansible, Cobbler, and co-creator of some other things you might have used.