Past The Hype: A Better Way To Think About Big Data


The Big Data hype is over and it’s time to actually get results. Not easy when Big Data has been so overhyped, Berkeley University compiled a list of 40 competing, contradictory definitions. But to those who really understand Big Data, it’s a competitive advantage on par with computers or the internet itself. The key is to understand that Big Data is really a collection of different technologies all vaguely clumped together by those who either don’t know better or vendors who thinks ambiguity helps sales. As Thomas Davenport said, “Vendors and consultants will take any new, hot term and apply it to their existing offerings…and that has already happened in spades with Big Data.” In this talk, Big Nimble founder Michael Kauffman cuts through the techno-babble and marketing fog to explain what Big Data actually is and how to use it.

Speaker: Michael Kauffman