Benjamin Henshall

Talk Abstract

Are we bridging the cultural divide that is necessary for DevOps to succeed

Discussion about the pitfalls and problems we are facing when trying to implement DevOps either bottom up or top down. Putting tools aside, in my travels across APAC I see breakdowns occurring with organizations that are not executing well when it comes to DevOps. For instance in India and China and Korea and Japan it is very slow, in Singapore and Australia and NZ it is picking up, but still with lots of room for improvement. How can we all together get better adoption of DevOps and ultimately get better code into production to support business outcomes.



Benjamin Henshall

Benjamin Henshall


Benjamin Henshall is the Director of solutions for Red Hat’s developer tooling and developer platforms for the Asia Pacific region. His primary responsibility is to help clients, partners and the eco-system within Asia adopt the Red Hat toolsets and services in digital transformative opportunities. Benjamin comes with over 8 and half years experience within Red Hat and prior working at Oracle within the Fusion Middleware business unit and BEA Systems preceding his time at Oracle. His particular interests is to help organisations ‘out innovate’ the competition through ‘compressed innovation cycles’ using software engineering principles and cultural change known as DevOps and aligning IT architectures and operations to meet the demands of the next generation business model(s). Ben also has a passion for helping organisations understand how to harness the innovation from open source software and participate in their respective communities.