Antons Kranga

Title: Build Serverless Architectures with AWS


Innovation is about what you do different. Serverless gives innovative way of delivering cloud services however there is not enough information in you can find around. We (Cloud Innovation Labs at Accenture) are one of the first massive adopters of Serverless architectures and we are happy to share our story and our recipes with the community. Planned structure: - Serverless Motivation - Quick intro to tool chain for Serverless: Terraform, Apex, Swagger LIVE coding - Deploy static web app - Extend it with dynamic web app - Extend it with git server acting as CMS"


On field Cloud Architect, DevOps and Developer advocate with 15 years experience in DEV area. Was one of the first infra-structure-as-code practitioners in Accenture. Has passion to discover new technologies and search for new use cases it can give.