Charity Majors

Title: A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer to Technical Decision-Making


Over the last few years we’ve seen an explosion of complexity, in everything from polyglot storage to composable infrastructure, containerization and microservices, config management vs immutable infrastructure. Even as recently as five years ago, there was still a set of widely accepted best practices. Now every element of your stack is a never-ending rabbit hole of possibilities and questions. What's an engineer or architect or manager to do? Solid technical judgment is more important than ever. You can’t anticipate every problem, but you can identify and head off many of them in advance. We'll talk about how to identify and prioritize where to be boring and where to innovate -- and what to do when you accidentally make the wrong call.


Charity Majors is the cofounder and CTO of Honeycomb, a new startup focused on mining machine data. Previously, Charity ran infrastructure at Parse and was an engineering manager at Facebook. She also worked with the RocksDB team to build and deploy the world’s first Mongo + Rocks in production. Charity likes single malt scotch.