Corey Quinn

Title: The Stories We Tell and the Failures We've Lived


Most conference talks center around success stories. In this lighthearted yet sincere talk, Corey discusses some of his more embarrassing professional failures.


"Corey has a long and storied history as a consultant -- long, in that every year he did it felt like three years, and storied, in that he's got a few. Prior to his current role as Director of DevOps at FutureAdvisor, he spent most of the past few years at a Bay Area consulting firm, where he served as a systems architect, ad-hoc recruiter, advocate for driving transformational change throughout organizations, and (due to a misunderstanding around what a ""standup meeting"" really was) an improvisational comic. One of the early developers behind Saltstack, Corey also has a rich history of contributing to various open source projects.

Corey's hobbies include motorcycles, building custom keyboards, and drinking whiskey-- it's a shame that they all don't work well together. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and two rodents of unusual size masquerading as dogs."