Heidi Waterhouse

Title: Heidi Waterhouse - Fear of the Bus


Devops is almost always responsible for documenting their own stuff, and frequently they are moving so quickly that this step gets shortcut or omitted. I want to give people in devops some simple, straightforward, repeatable, testable tools to make sure that all the mission-critical data is not dependent on one person or role.
We're going to have to do much more nimble, flexible documentation methods than remembering to enter things in Confluence. I'm going to use post-its, commit messages, slack emojis, and crowd suggestions to show you how to do good-enough documentation without slowing your organization down.


  • Problem statement
    • Critical people
    • Cognitive (over)load
    • Onboarding is an apprenticeship, not an orientation
  • Solutions
    • Automation
    • Collation
    • Sprints
  • How you know it worked
    • Chaos monkey
    • Onboarding
    • Vacations


Heidi is a widely experienced technical writer with an interest in writing herself out of work. She specializes in creating entire documentation suites for new companies and products in less time than you would believe possible. She speaks on topics like search-led writing, starting new documentation products, and whistleblowing as a technical writer.