The CAP Theorem of Humans

No distributed system is safe from failures, and neither is your organisation. Is it possible to extend the CAP theorem to people and gain a Consistent, Available, and Partition Tolerant workforce in the face of disparate levels of leadership, anachronisms, and a million priorities ?

This talk will cover some of the ways you can enable your organisation to ensure that flying into the face of danger shall not cause you fear.




Christian Witts


Christian Witts is a chronic sufferer of imposter syndrome, and a starter of far to many empty repositories. Herder of rats, poster of things, and alleged polyglot, you’ll find him trying to automate things such that they do not break so that he can get back to his coffee. He has been programming since ‘89, and getting paid for it since ‘05, working in credit bureaux, energy management, eCommerce, and most recently adTech. You’ll find him in his off time writing renderers in whatever language tickles his fancy that week, and consuming to many podcasts and audio books.