Continuous Testing – The final frontier of DevOps

In order to achieve true continuous delivery, organizations must rethink the way they carry out quality assurance (QA) today. To continuously deliver software, organizations need to make sure tests, procedures and processes around quality are designed to fit inline with the flow of development, integration and deployment. While continuous testing is dependent upon strategic automation, it is not synonymous with automated testing. A continuous testing process encompasses other QA activities that impact overall product quality. As such, continuous testing depends on four major pillars. Jaco will share what these four pillars are and how to deliver them inline within their development cadence.




Jaco Greyling


Jaco joined CA in 2009. He leads a team of pre-sales engineers dedicated to delivering on CA’s vision of DevOps, focusing on Application Delivery and unified monitoring. He has been building complex infrastructure solutions for over a decade. Jaco’s experience includes, in partnership with Savvis, building the first e-commerce web infrastructure for UBS Investment Bank in 2000. In 2002 he joined the Middleware Technology Services’ Distributed Infrastructure Solutions team - responsible for over 500 application servers globally. In 2005 he joined Equities IT charged with developing various infrastructure solutions also forming part of the SSENG design team responsible for the infrastructure architecture and environment specification. In 2006 he became the Equities IT Service Delivery Manager for Distributed platforms. In this role he was responsible for application delivery throughout the software development lifecycle. Jaco is an agilest and is both SAFe 4.0 and Scrum certified.