Devops Deeper Thoughts by Not Jack Handey

If you thought that last year’s thoughts were deep, wait until you hear this year’s. Not Jack Handey returns with another ignite full of one-liner jokes and fun “facts” about devops inspired by the SNL segments of yesteryear.

This talk is primarily tongue-in-cheek humor and will be comprised of “deep thoughts” that are entirely new to Chicago (aside from maybe one or two favorites from last year). There will be some “thoughts” pulled from other iterations of Devops Deep Thoughts and many entirely new “thoughts”.



Joshua Zimmerman


Joshua Zimmerman has worked for the University of Wisconsin - Madison Libraries for the past decade, playing a variety of roles ranging from helpdesk support, web developer, and Windows systems administration. For the past five and a half years, Joshua has been part of a team of administrators architecting and maintaining an ever-growing Linux server environment for applications both developed in house and procured from vendors. In his spare time, Joshua co-organizes the Madison DevOps meetup and devopsdays Madison.