Starting and Growing Your DevOps Teams

DevOps, sure everybody is hiring right now. How many of us are actually successful at doing this? How many of us spend hours daily and weekly searching for the right person? The time wasting ends now. Let’s collaborate and automate our hiring processes to have Continuous Success with DevOps hiring.



Conor Delanbanque


Conor Delanbanque has been building and scaling DevOps teams for the past few years. As well as being exclusively responsible for growing some of the most innovative DevOps SRE teams in the US and Europe as an external consultant and recruiting partner, Conor also founded the Future of DevOps Thought Leaders Debate, sponsors DockerNYC DevOps NYC Meetups on a regular basis and has recently co-hosted ServerlessNYC. You can tweet him @ConorDevOps, find him on LinkedIn or at events, expos and writing articles on

Outside of the DevOps world, Conor is an Ex-International boxer where he won the English British University Boxing Championships and competed for Antigua Barbuda up to Commonwealth Games level. He has recently hung up his gloves and taken up road cycle racing to a competitive level. Before DevOps, Conor studied Marine Biology and was published for his dissertation on Global Sustainable Fisheries.