DevOps Transformation: How to Get from Here to There

Achieving DevOps Maturity and a steady state of continuous learning and continuous improvement require us to let go of our legacy thinking about how we manage IT and how we incentive our organizations. The rate-limiter of this process is not technical, but human. The pace at which people can take in the new goals, change their beliefs about their role in the organization, create new ways of working and the new culture of collaboration is generally much slower than the technical work to implement tools and automation. Without changing our minds about the way to do the job, without transforming our governance and processes to adapt to these new ways of working, we do not transform and find ourselves stuck in our traditional modes of operation, unable to effectively integrate our systems into a cohesive hole that enables agility and high velocity.

This talk will focus on the elements of a formal transformation methodology that tackles all the elements that must be included for a top to bottom transformation as well as the steps and timelines that it takes to propel us along that path, and the way to tailor this to any organization will be proposed.