Why did they call it Serverless? The Dev Rebellion Against Infrastructure


The rise of container automation with built in networking, load balancing and HA behavior seems like a Dev rebellion against Ops. But is it? In this short talk, we’ll review the ways that new Developer technology steamlines Ops.



Rob Hirschfeld


Rob Hirschfeld is CEO and co-founder of RackN, leaders in physical and hybrid DevOps software. He has been in the cloud and infrastructure space for nearly 15 years from working with early ESX Betas to serving four terms on the OpenStack Foundation Board and becoming an Execute at Dell. As a co-founder of the Digital Rebar project, Rob creating a new generation of DevOps orchestration to leverage the containers and service-oriented ops. He believes that the technology of running data centers and applications on cloud is just part of the bigger story. He trained as an Industrial Engineer and carries a passion for applying Lean and Agile process to software delivery.