Scrutinizing the Scrutiny

Many organizations have found great value in retrospective analysis following incidents that impact the reliability and availability of a service. Known as postmortems, companies routinely analyze what went wrong in retrospect.

However, common approaches to postmortems are often short-sighted in their focus and rarely bring about any real improvements to our overall systems. Commonly viewed as a required exercise to cover your butt or to provide a report to management, most focus solely on root cause and suggested fixes.

This talk will point out the true value of a postmortem, how to perform them for maximum exposure of improvements for every organizations people, process, and technology.

Audience challenges & takeaways:

  • What’s broken about current methods of postmortem exercises?
  • Why is a “just culture” important?
  • What is the true purpose of a postmortem?
  • What are the key component of a postmortem exercise?
  • How can we continuously improve this process?



Jason Hand


Named “DevOps Evangelist of the Year” by in 2016. Author of two books on the subject of Chatops and a forthcoming O’reilly book on Post-Incident Reviews as well as a regular contributor of articles to,, and many other online publications, Jason serves as a DevOps Champion and advisor at VictorOps as well as the growing worldwide community of IT professionals including Colorado’s front range where he helps to organize DevOpsDays Rockies and the monthly DevOps meetups in Denver. Co-host of “The Community Pulse” a podcast on building community within tech, Jason is dedicated to the latest trends in technology, sharing the lessons learned, and helping people continuously improve.