Lessons from an Idaho Potato Farmer

This is just a fun talk to get people to think about doing and not just watching. Active, not passive. As much as I love to go to a Columbus Symphony Orchestra concert, it’s much better to play in the community band, even though I’m not nearly as good. It’s good to go to DevOpsDays, but it can be even better to participate - either as a speaker or as a volunteer.

This is a call to action.



David Laulusa


David Laulusa has been working at ICC since the beginning of the year in the DevOps Practice. He has worked at Bell Labs, SAP and whole slew of companies in between. Three years ago when he started working at SAP, his boss handed him The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim and Continuous Delivery by Jez Humble and said, “Read these and figure out this DevOps thing.” And he hasn’t stopped learning since.

David has been a member of the organizing committee for DevOpsDays Ohio since it’s inception. He is also Co-Organizer of the DevOps Columbus Meetup.

While he likes some of the music of One Direction, he has no favorite member.