Iterative Security: Security when you're not ready for the difficult stuff

Security is presented to us in the form of a binary state; secure or insecure. Attempts to become more secure are met with scenarios we missed. Feeling we can’t do it right we succumb to “security paralysis”. Let’s instead look at security as a process and walk through making a bad situation better.



Tom McLaughlin


Tom is an infrastructure engineer turned community engineer at CloudZero. He uses his engineering experience to engage the community and provide insight into new and interesting ways to view engineering and solve its problems. He enjoys scaling a startup just as much as he enjoys scaling systems. Tom likes his role’s blend between engineering, community, and product development and is an advocate for expanding on the tenants of DevOps beyond engineering to encompass all the different teams within an organization.

When not at work he is a proud cat dad to two calicoes and enjoys spending his time drag racing and sailing. He is also an amateur thinkfluencer on Twitter at @tmclaughbos