Ways DevOps Could Be More Accessible

I probably am doing DevOps without even knowing it. When I discovered the DevOps Dictionary definition of “goat” I fell in love. My perspective on DevOps as a self-taught woman in technology and what the DevOps community could be more inclusive and accessible to me and other people I know.



Alison Stanton


As Founder and Chief Problem Solver at Stanton Ventures, Alison Stanton focuses on business intelligence reporting, product measurement, and process improvement through automation. She makes data accessible, discoverable, and actionable for Operations teams, Product Managers, and clients. Currently, her main languages are SQL, Python, and LookML. She also provides diversity and inclusion consulting related to LGBTQ and women in tech communities upon request. She loves knitting, working on women coder retention, and using technology to empower audacious ideas.