Cracking the Culture Code: Practical Advice on Promoting a Generative Culture

Culture is one of the hardest parts of DevOps to get right. It’s messy, and organic, and not well suited to the more analytical skills found in IT departments. This presentation will present practical steps to promote a healthy, generative, DevOps-compatible culture within any enterprise.



Dave Swersky


Dave Swersky has been working in IT for over 20 years, in roles from support engineer, to software developer, to Enterprise Architect. Dave is an aspiring polyglot, and passionate about all things DevOps. Dave has presented on DevOps at conferences including DevOps Enterprise Summit, CodeMash, Stir Trek, and at local meetups in KC. When he’s not writing code, he’s writing about code (or about people who write code.) He’s also writing a book: DevOps Katas: Hands-On DevOps

Dave can be found on Twitter @dswersky and at