Vox Pupuli - The Importance of Working Together

Everyone has run into the situation where a library/tool you relied on was no longer compatible in your environment due to abandonment. This is where the community comes in. Vox Pupuli provides a place for orphaned puppet modules/tools to be maintained/improved. Find how/why we do this and join!



David Hollinger III


David (moduletux) Hollinger works as a DevOps Engineer III at NTT Security in Omaha, NE where he is developing an automated support platform off Linux, Puppet, Rails, Ruby, and REST. David pushes and implements open source solutions at work and is an active Vox Pupuli Maintainer. David has been doing Systems Admin since 2010, Puppet since 2012, and Ruby since 2015. He enjoys a good cookout, Husker Football (GO BIG RED!!), and RPG board/video games.