Moving to a multi-cloud architecture

The year is 2017. Our heroes find themselves in good spirits, working on streamlining processes and improving developer happiness, all while keeping the site up and running. However, new business requirements threaten to change all that. Follow our heroes in their quest to multi-cloud architecture!



Jonathan Stacks

I like to automate things to make my life easier: CLI tools, Repository Builds, CI/CD pipelines. Love good tests and code coverage. Love to learn new things and share what I learn with others.

Favorite Languages

Python. For my general automation needs. Ruby. When I want to throw up a website fast and write pretty code. Great community and documentation. Golang. If you need a TCP server, concurrency, or efficient execution, give it a try! Other Favorites

Docker. But, no really, it changed my life as both a developer and deployer. Travis CI. Open source your project and enjoy the GitHub PR integration. Employment History

C2FO (2016-Current) Cerner (2012-2016)